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1. The Gemara discusses the laws of a raised floor of an entranceway to a house.
2. If the floor of the entranceway is ten Tefachim high and four Tefachim wide, it is considered a separate domain from the house.
3. One is prohibited from starting certain activities when it is close to the time for the Minchah prayer.
4. The Gemara discusses whether the time in question (see #3) refers to Minchah Gedolah or Minchah Ketanah.
5. There is a dispute about whether Ma'ariv is obligatory or optional.


1. A raised entranceway to a house that is open to the public domain can sometimes be considered like a private domain, and sometimes like the public domain.
2. Rebbi Meir: One is prohibited mid'Rabanan from carrying from the house or yard to this entranceway. This Isur ensures that people will not carry from the public domain to such a raised area within the public domain (but which is actually a private domain).
3. For example, once the time to recite Minchah has arrived, one should not take a haircut, go to the bathhouse, or have a meal before he prays.
4. Rav Acha bar Yakov says that the time starts close to (i.e. a half hour before) Minchah Gedolah, which is six and a half hours into the day.
5. The opinion that says that Ma'ariv is optional means that while one should recite Ma'ariv, he is not obligated to do so if he has a pressing reason not to (for example, he has already removed his belt).

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