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1. Ula teaches that a pole nine Tefachim high in the public domain can be considered part of the public domain.
2. There is a dispute about whether a ditch that is nine Tefachim deep is considered part of the public domain.
3. Rebbi states that an Isur d'Rabanan that is classified as a "Shevus" may be done during Bein ha'Shemashos (twilight).
4. A person who carries a long bundle by picking up one end at a time and throwing has not transgressed the Melachah of carrying in Reshus ha'Rabim and is exempt from liability.
5. One is permitted to place an object from a private or public domain onto a Makom Petur, and vice versa.


1. If it is the type of pole which people use to help them load and unload their packages, it is considered part of the public domain. Consequently, an object placed on that pole is considered resting in the public domain with regard to liability for the Melachah of carrying in the public domain.
2. Rav Yosef: If people use this ditch as a place to leave their packages temporarily, it is considered part of the public domain and has the status of a "resting place" with regard to liability for the Melachah of carrying. Rava: Placing a package there is not considered a normal type of usage, and therefore it has the status of a Karmelis and not Reshus ha'Rabim.
3. This is because the Rabanan did not apply their decrees during Bein ha'Shemashos, when it is not clear that is Shabbos mid'Oraisa.
4. This is because he never picked up the entire bundle from the ground, and so it was never considered "uprooted" from its resting place. If he did pick it up in its entirety, he would be liable if he carried it four Amos in the public domain.
5. However, one may not use a Makom Petur that borders a private and public domain in order to transfer an object from the private to public domain by first moving the object from the private domain to the Makom Petur, and then from the Makom Petur to the public domain.

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