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1. Ula: If fore-knowledge is not required to create an obligation to bring a separate Korban Asham, then one offers one Korban for multiple acts of relations with a Shifchah Charufah.
2. Ula: This (#1) is true only when he does not actually designate a Korban to atone for his previous sins.
3. If a person intends to pick up a knife and then unintentionally harvests a plant while doing so, he is exempt.
4. There is a dispute about the law in a case of one who intended to cut something that was unattached to the ground, and instead cut something that was attached to the ground.
5. There is a dispute about the law in a case of one who bows down to an idol due to one's love or fear of another person.


1. This is the law even if he had relations with a Shifchah Charufah, realized his sin, and then repeated this cycle of events many times. Since the sinner's awareness of his accidental sin does not create a new obligation to bring a Korban, it also does not prevent one Korban from atoning for another similar sin.
2. He cannot designate a Korban and then say, "Wait until I have relations one more time before it is offered." Designating a Korban means that he must offer another Korban if he sins again.
3. This is considered Mis'asek, meaning that he was involved in another action entirely and did not intend to do the Melachah of harvesting. This is derived from the words, "that he sinned with it," meaning that he is Chayav only when he intended to perform the forbidden act.
4. Rava: He is exempt, since he did not intend to perform an act of cutting that was forbidden. Abaye: He is Chayav (and this is not called Mis'asek), since he intended to cut.
5. Abaye: He is Chayav. Rava: He is exempt, since he did not intend to serve idolatry but rather he bowed in order to please a person.

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