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1. Rava discusses the case of a person who first ate two k'Zeisim of forbidden fat, remembered that he ate one, and then ate a third one, and then remembered the original two.
2. Rava later retracted his view and agreed with Abaye regarding this case (#1).
3. A person must bring only one Korban for one act of eating forbidden food, regardless of how much he ate.
4. There is a dispute about the case of a person who unintentionally ate two k'Zeisim of fat and found out about one before the other.
5. Rebbi Yochanan agrees that a Korban can atone for part of a sin that one was not aware of when he brought the Korban.


1. Rava says that if a person brings a Korban for the first k'Zayis, he atones for the first two. If he brings a Korban for the third k'Zayis, he atones for the second and third. Only if he brings a Korban for the second does he atone for all three.
2. Abaye maintains that a Korban for any one of these three acts of eating a k'Zayis of forbidden atones for all of them.
3. All of the food he ate is considered one transgression as long as he ate all of the food at one time. If he ate half of a k'Zayis of two different forbidden foods at once (such as forbidden fat and blood), they do not combine to make him obligated to bring a Korban.
4. Rebbi Yochanan: He must bring two different Korbanos, since his discovery of his sin causes the obligation to bring a Korban, and he found out at two separate times about the two separate amounts of forbidden fat that he ate. Reish Lakish: He brings only one Korban, since bringing a Korban for even part of a sinful act atones for the entire act.
5. A person ate a k'Zayis and a half of forbidden fat. He designated an animal as a Korban for one k'Zayis (forgetting the half-k'Zayis that he ate), and then he forgot and ate another half -k'Zayis. He later realized that he ate this second half-k'Zayis, and he also remembered the half-k'Zayis from the first eating. The two halves do not combine to make a k'Zayis to obligate him to bring another Korban.

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