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1. An item cannot become Tamei as a result of a Zav sitting or resting on it if it is used primarily for other purposes and not for sitting.
2. Rebbi Akiva bought his wife a "Yerushalayim of gold."
3. There is a dispute about whether a woman may go out on Shabbos with a "Yerushalayim of gold."
4. There is a similar dispute about wearing a gold or silver band or a necklace across one's forehead.
5. Rav Ashi: A wide, coat-like garment (without place for the arms) is permitted only if it has straps that fasten it to one's body.


1. A large utensil that a Zav uses as a stool or mattress cannot become Tamei with Tum'as Mishkav or Moshav because it is not generally used for this purpose. It is as if we say to the object, "Stand and let us do our work [with this object, instead of using it for sitting]."
2. This was a piece of jewelry molded in the shape of the city of Yerushalayim.
3. Rebbi Meir: It is considered a load that one carries, and thus one who goes out with it on Shabbos transgresses and must bring a Korban Chatas. Chachamim: It is prohibited only mid'Rabanan, since she might remove it to show it off and then come to carry it on Shabbos. Rebbi Eliezer: It is permitted, since only important women wear them, and there is no concern that an important woman will remove it to show it off and then carry it.
4. One version of the Gemara says that while everyone agrees that the band is forbidden, they disagree about the necklace. Rav Ashi says that everyone agrees that the necklace is permitted, but they disagree about the band.
5. Without straps it can easily fall off, and a person might then carry it.

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