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1. Rav rules that one may put a lit candle on a tree immediately before Shabbos, but not immediately before Yom Tov.
2. Rebbi Shimon's opinion (see Daf 44, #1-2) may be relied upon in a pressing situation.
3. Everyone agrees that in cases where a person performs an action showing that he does not want to use an item on Shabbos, the item is Muktzah.
4. There is a dispute about whether a dead animal is Muktzah according to Rebbi Shimon.
5. The Gemara introduces the concept of Muktzah of an expensive item that is kept in a specific place.


1. This is because there is no concern that one will use the tree on Shabbos in an attempt to get the candle, since the candle is Muktzah. However, on Yom Tov the candle is not Muktzah, and thus there is a concern that a person will use the tree while getting the candle. Using a tree on Yom Tov is forbidden.
2. We do not generally rule according to Rebbi Shimon's opinion that all candelabras may be carried unless they contain a lit candle. However, if there is a danger that a hostile Nochri will see a Menorah outside after its fire has gone out, one may move the Menorah inside.
3. Shmuel: This is so even according to the aforementioned opinion of Rebbi Shimon. Accordingly, if a person starts drying out figs or grapes and they will not be edible anymore until they are fully dried after Shabbos, they are Muktzah even according to Rebbi Shimon.
4. Mar the son of Ameimar: Rebbi Shimon agreed that they were Muktzah. Mar the son of Rav Yosef: Rebbi Shimon maintained that they are not Muktzah, as they can be fed to dogs.
5. Even those who are lenient with regard to candelabras agree that a heavy candelabra that is always situated in a specific place is deemed "Muktzah Machmas Chisaron Kis" -- "Muktzah due to monetary loss."

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