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1. One is not allowed to use Tevel (untithed produce) that is Tamei as the fuel for his fire.
2. Rebbi Tarfon says that one may use only olive oil for the Shabbos candles.
3. Rebbi Shimon ben Elazar discusses items that grow on branches, such as cotton.
4. Tana d'Vei Rebbi Yishmael: Whenever the Torah mentions clothes, it refers to those made of wool or linen.
5. An item of wool or linen clothing that is a size of three by three Etzba'os can become Tamei with Tzara'as.


1. This is derived from the fact that Terumah Teme'ah may be used as fuel only after it has actually been separated as Terumah, implying that while the produce is in the Tevel state, before Terumah has been separated, it is forbidden to use it as fuel.
2. Rebbi Yochanan ben Nuri objected because people in many countries do not have access to olive oil.
3. For example, he says that one many use such items as Sechach for a Sukah. The exception to this rule is flax.
4. He derives this from the verse regarding Tzara'as where the Torah mentions clothing and implies, through exclusion, only clothing made of wool or linen. From here we derive that whenever "clothes" are mentioned, it refers to clothing made of wool or linen.
5. This is despite the fact that it is only considered clothing by poor people, and not by wealthy people.

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