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1. Rav Nachman explains why one is allowed to benefit from Terumah Teme'ah that he is burning.
2. Rebbi Avahu gives a different source for the permission to benefit from Terumah Teme'ah that is being burned.
3. One must have Shabbos candles in the place where he eats his meal.
4. The Gemara discusses who is considered a wealthy person.
5. Rebbi Akiva says that a wealthy person is one who has a wife who performs good deeds.


1. The verse states, "And I have given to you the guarding of my Terumos," implying that there are two Terumos: one that is Tahor and one that is Tamei. When the verse says that Terumah Teme'ah is "given to you," it implies that one may benefit from it while he burns it.
2. When the verse discusses Ma'aser Sheni, it states, "And I did not burn from it while Tamei," which implies that one may not benefit from it while it is being burned, in contrast to Terumah, from which one may benefit while it is being burned.
3. In this way, one fulfills the Mitzvah of giving honor to Shabbos. Another way to fulfill this Mitzvah (although it is not obligatory) is to wash one's hands and feet in hot water before Shabbos.
4. Rebbi Meir: One who is satisfied with what he has is considered wealthy. Rebbi Tarfon: One who has 100 vineyards, 100 fields, and 100 workers to take care of him is considered wealthy.
5. Rebbi Yosi says that a person who has a bathroom near his table is wealthy.

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