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1. The Mishnah (20b) discusses items that are forbidden for use as wicks or as fuel for Shabbos candles.
2. There are different levels of fulfilling the obligation to light Chanukah candles.
3. There is a dispute about the reasoning of Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel (in #2 above).
4. The Gemara explains the miracle of Chanukah.
5. One is supposed to place his Menorah less than ten Tefachim from the ground.


1. However, a person is allowed to use such wicks or fuels for his own personal use on Shabbos, as long as the fire was lit properly before Shabbos to the point that there is no concern that one will stoke it on Shabbos to keep it lit.
2. One fulfills the basic Mitzvah by lighting a single candle in his home every night. The more preferred way ("Mehadrin") is to light one candle for every person in the home, every night. The most preferred way ("Mehadrin Min ha'Mehadrin") is to light eight candles on the first night, seven on the second night, and so on, according to Beis Shamai, or, according to Beis Hillel, one candle on the first night, two on the second night, and so on.
3. Some say that Beis Shamai maintains that we light a candle for each day that is left. Others say that the candles are compared to the Korbanos of Sukos, which decrease each day. Some say that Beis Hillel reasons that we should add a candle for each day of Chanukah that we celebrate, and others say that it is because of the rule that we may only ascend in holy matters, and not descend.
4. The miracle was that after the defeat of the Greeks, a solitary jug of pure oil was found that should have enabled the Menorah to be lit for only one day, and yet it lasted for eight days.
5. Ravina suggests that this requirement is the reason why a person whose Menorah causes a fire when it is outside his store is exempt. Since Chazal mandated that he put his Menorah in a low, accessible area outside his store, he is exempt from liability.

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