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1. The Gemara mentions another law regarding food cooked k'Ma'achal ben Derusai (partially cooked food).
2. The limbs of the Korbanos were burned on the Mizbe'ach on Shabbos.
3. The Kohanim were allowed to have a fire that would keep them warm in the Beis ha'Mikdash because it would burn slowly.
4. Some objects are forbidden to be used as wicks for lighting Shabbos candles.
5. Some items are forbidden to be used as fuel for lighting Shabbos candles.


1. If a Jew cooks food such that it is k'Ma'achal ben Derusai (either one-third or one-half cooked), and then a Nochri completes the cooking, it is not forbidden as Bishul Akum.
2. While such an act of burning normally would be forbidden on Shabbos, the verse states, "You shall not burn a fire in your settlements," teaching that in the Beis ha'Mikdash it is permitted to do so.
3. Having such a fire normally would be forbidden on Shabbos, since people might put wood on the fire instead of waiting for the fire to catch on to its fuel. Since Kohanim are very careful to avoid sinning, we allow them to have such a fire.
4. The wicks listed are prohibited because fire does not catch well onto such wicks.
5. These include fuels that do not flow well to the wick, and fuels that have a bad smell.

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