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1. The Amora'im discuss the difficulties of aging.
2. The Amora'im discuss how eating gives a person strength.
3. There is a dispute about why Barzilai ha'Gil'adi suffered pronounced effects of old age.
4. As the Torah sages age, they become wiser.
5. A dead person is aware of what is being said about him in his presence until the cover is placed over his casket.


1. For example, Rebbi Yosi ben Kisma says, "Two (healthy young legs) are better than three (two old legs plus a cane for support)."
2. Shmuel advised that a person should make sure he eats well until age forty, as this will give him strength. After forty he must make sure to drink enough.
3. Some say that this is generally how old people are (i.e. loss of some senses, slower thinking, etc.), while others say this was especially true for Barzilai ha'Gil'adi, since he exercised no restraint throughout his life with regard to intimate relations. In his old age he suffered the physical consequences of his over-involvement in such activities.
4. The opposite is true for ignoramuses. They become more foolish as they age.
5. Some say that he is aware of what is being said until his flesh decomposes.

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