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1. A person may not hire workers on Shabbos.
2. There is a dispute about whether a person may tell his friend on Shabbos, "Stand with me here towards the evening."
3. One may not wait at the end of his Techum on Shabbos in order to hire workers (outside the Techum) immediately after Shabbos.
4. One is prohibited to recite Shema while facing a person's uncovered parts that are deemed Ervah, whether that person is a Jew or not.
5. While one may not discuss business on Shabbos, one may discuss money matters related to Mitzvos.


1. One also may not ask a Nochri to hire workers for him.
2. He is hinting with this cryptic statement that his friend should be in a certain area at the end of Shabbos so that he can hire him as a worker. The Tana Kama says that even such a statement is forbidden. Rebbi Yehoshua ben Korchah says that it is permitted.
3. However, one may wait at the end of his Techum in order to go outside the Techum after Shabbos and watch his fruit. Since watching fruit is permitted on Shabbos, one is allowed to wait at the end of his Techum in order to be able to do so after Shabbos.
4. This is derived from Noach, about whom the verse states, "And they did not see the Ervah of their father."
5. For example, one may request on Shabbos that people pledge money to charity.

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