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1. There is a dispute about whether one may move bones and shells off a table.
2. The Gemara discusses two types of date pits.
3. One is allowed to use bread for different purposes (together with food-related items).
4. Rav Huna the son of Rav Yehoshua would eat the dates on one area of the table and carry them away with his hands.
5. One may not squeeze fruits for their juice on Shabbos.


1. In the Mishnah, Beis Shamai says that they may be moved, while Beis Hillel says that one may take only the plate containing the bones and shells and tilt it (into the garbage). Rav Nachman reverses the opinions and says that Beis Hillel is lenient while Beis Shamai is stringent.
2. The pit of the date that is fed to animals may be handled on Shabbos since it is fit to be fed to animals. The pit of the date fit for human consumption may not be handled on Shabbos, since it is Muktzah.
3. This is apparent from the fact that Shmuel would carry the date pits on his bread.
4. He was permitted to do so because a pile of date pits is considered disgusting, and therefore it falls into the category of a "Graf Shel Re'i," which is allowed to be moved out of one's living area on Shabbos. Rav Ashi did not endorse this practice, since he maintained that one should not create such a situation (the need to move something disgusting) in the first part.
5. Squeezing a fruit for its juice constitutes the Melachah of Mefarek (taking one thing out of another), which is a Toldah of Dash (threshing).

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