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1. Rava permitted only carrying a child who is holding a stone, not a child who is holding a coin.
2. The Mishnah permits carrying a basket containing a stone when the basket also contains fruit.
3. One may remove a Muktzah item from atop a permitted item which he wants to carry by tilting the permitted item.
4. One who needs to clear away items from a certain area may carry a pillow with money on it if he cannot cause the money to fall off by tilting the pillow.
5. There is a dispute about whether one may use a child or a loaf of bread to carry Muktzah items that were mistakenly left in a bad place.


1. This is because if a stone falls out of the child's hand, the father is not tempted to pick it up. In contrast, if a coin falls, the father might come to pick it up.
2. The Gemara explains that the Mishnah's case is where the fruit would become ruined if the basket would be emptied, and the stone serves as a wall of the basket (which is why the stone cannot simply be tilted out of the basket). Where the stone could easily be removed, it is clear that one should try to get rid of the Muktzah item before carrying the basket.
3. This is why the Mishnah says that in order to be able to drink wine from a barrel when a stone is resting atop the barrel, one should tilt the barrel and let the stone fall off the barrel.
4. If one merely needs to use the pillow, he should tilt the pillow and make the money fall off. However, if he needs the space under the pillow, he may carry the pillow to a place where the pillow and the money will not be in his way.
5. Some say that one may place a child or a loaf of bread on a Muktzah item that he needs to move (i.e. a pile of money) in order to move it. However, others say that this leniency is used only in order to carry the body of a dead person.

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