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1. Some preparations for a Bris may be done on Yom Tov but not on Shabbos.
2. Two mothers named their children "Nasan ha'Bavli" in appreciation to Rebbi Nasan for his good advice.
3. The Gemara discusses when and how one is permitted to wash a child on the days following his circumcision.
4. There is a dispute about whether an Androginus may be circumcised on Shabbos.
5. Rav and Shmuel argue about whether one may apply hot water and oil directly to a wound on Shabbos.


1. It is permitted to grind cumin and to mix wine and oil together on Yom Tov. If these were not prepared before Shabbos, one is permitted only to chew the cumin before applying it and to apply the wine and oil separately (i.e. not mixed together).
2. Both had two boys who died after their Bris Milah. Rebbi Nasan gave each of them advice and their third boy survived the Bris Milah. They named the baby "Nasan ha'Bavli" in his honor.
3. All agree that one is permitted to wash a baby on Shabbos when Shabbos is the third day after the Bris.
4. The Tana Kama: He may be circumcised on Shabbos. Rebbi Yehudah: he may not be circumcised on Shabbos.
5. Rav permits it. Shmuel says that one should put the hot water and oil above the wound and let it drip down onto the wound.

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