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1. One must not forget about his Tefilin when he is wearing them, and he must touch them to insure that he keeps his mind on them.
2. Due to this law (#1), one is allowed to go outside while wearing his Tefilin even close to Shabbos.
3. There is a dispute about whether one is permitted to engage in various activities on Shabbos.
4. There is a dispute about what one says when he visits a sick person on Shabbos.
5. When one prays for a sick person, he should include in his prayers all Jews who are sick.


1. The Gemara derives this requirement through a Kal va'Chomer from the Tzitz: If, for the Tzitz, the Torah states that the Kohen Gadol must not forget that he is wearing it even though it has only one name of Hashem in it, then certainly one must keep his mind on the Tefilin which have many names of Hashem in them.
2. We are not concerned that he will forget about them and carry them on Shabbos, since he is commanded to remember them constantly. However, in order to prevent a person from accidentally carrying on Shabbos, the Rabanan decreed that one is required to check his clothing before he goes out close to Shabbos to ascertain that he is not carrying anything.
3. For example, Beis Shamai maintains that it is prohibited to engage in matchmaking (for marriage) on Shabbos, since this constitutes "Mimtzo Cheftzechah," dealing with one's business affairs. Beis Hillel maintains that it is permitted, since matchmaking is not called engaging in your own affairs, but rather in Heavenly affairs.
4. A person should not say "Refu'ah Shleimah" as one says on weekdays, because this causes people to cry and be sad on Shabbos. Rather, one should say (according to one opinion), "Shabbos Hi mi'Liz'ok u'Refu'ah Kerovah Lavo" -- "It is Shabbos [when we must refrain] from crying out, and [your] healing will soon come."
5. Including all other sick Jews in his prayer turns his prayer into a prayer for the public, and it therefore has more merit.

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