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SHABBOS 116 (8 Tamuz) - Today's Dafyomi study is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Moshe Gottlieb, Moshe Ze'ev ben Chaim Shlomo Yosef ha'Levi z'l, who healed the sick of Jerusalem and Israel with Chesed. Dedicated by his loving family on the day of his Yahrzeit.


1. A person who was raised observant of Torah law and became an idolater is far worse than an idolater who was raised as an idolater.
2. Hashem clearly wants to obliterate idolaters, just as he wants His name to be erased in the Sotah waters.
3. Rebbi Avahu could not give a definitive answer regarding the law in the case of the holy writings found in Beis Avidan.
4. One should save the cover of a Sefer Torah together with the Sefer Torah.
5. There is a dispute about how much one should flay the Korban Pesach when Erev Pesach falls on Shabbos.


1. Since the former knew the truth and rebelled against it, he is far worse than a person who was raised as an idolater. Accordingly , Rebbi Tarfon taught that if one is fleeing from grave danger, it is preferable that he run into the house of an idolater than into the house of a Jew who became an idolater.
2. If Hashem allows His name to be erased in the Sotah waters in order to make peace between a woman and her husband, then He certainly wants to obliterate those who claim that Hashem exchanged Bnei Yisrael with another nation (see Maharsha).
3. Idolaters used to debate Jews in philosophical matters in Beis Avidan. Since the writings may have been written either by a Jew or by an idolater, Rebbi Avahu was not sure about whether they should be saved from a fire on Shabbos (see Rabeinu Chananel).
4. This law applies even if there is money in the cover of the Sefer Torah.
5. Rabanan: The entire animal should be flayed on Shabbos. Rebbi Yishmael: The animal should be flayed only from the hind legs until the chest, since this is all that is needed to put the required limbs on the Mizbe'ach. (The rest is flayed after Shabbos, before the Korban is eaten.)

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