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1. One must wash his hands three times in the morning to rid his hands of an impure spirit.
2. One may drain sediments from wine on Shabbos when those sediments are often consumed in the normal course of consumption.
3. One is allowed to desecrate Shabbos to heal an injury on the back of the hand or foot.
4. A person is allowed to eat and drink anything that will heal an illness.
5. Some say Eliyahu ha'Navi cured Rav Simi bar Ashi after he mistakenly swallowed a live snake.


1. The Gemara (starting on 108b) discusses the many bad things that can happen to someone who touches parts of his body after waking up in the morning before washing his hands.
2. Since people normally drink this small amount of sediment in the wine, filtering the wine it is not considered an act of Borer (separation).
3. This is why the Gemara permits treating such wounds with items that will help it heal.
4. However, this is true only if the food or drink is something that healthy people normally eat.
5. He scared him suddenly, had him eat hops, and had him run for three Mil. The combination of these things caused the snake to die.

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