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1. Rava is unsure about whether a person transgresses the Melachah of carrying when he lifts up a nut floating on water in a vessel and carries it.
2. If one throws an object four Amos in Reshus ha'Rabim and the object lands above ten Tefachim from the ground, he is exempt.
3. If one throws an object less than four Amos and the wind blows it farther than four Amos, he is liable.
4. One is not liable for throwing four Amos in an ocean.
5. The Mishnah lists many ocean-related types of carrying for which one is exempt.


1. On one hand, he may be liable because the nut was at rest in a normal place in a vessel. On the other hand, since the vessel was not at rest, the nut in it is also not considered at rest, and thus he is not considered be lifting up something at rest and carrying it.
2. For example, if he throws a sticky object that lands on and sticks to a wall in Reshus ha'Rabim, on part of the wall that is above ten Tefachim from the ground, he is exempt, because this area is considered a Makom Petur.
3. Similarly, if one throws it more than four Amos but it is blown back by the wind to within four Amos, he is exempt. This occurs only if the object remains stationary in the air for a moment before being blown back, or it lands momentarily and is then blown back.
4. This is because the ocean is considered a Karmelis.
5. For example, one who carries either from dry land to the ocean, from the ocean to dry land, from the ocean to a boat, from a boat to the ocean, or from one boat to another is exempt.

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