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1. The Gemara discusses how one should dress in order to prepare for prayers.
2. There is a dispute about whether one should pray for a long time at the expense of learning Torah.
3. It is more important to be a judge on a righteous Beis Din than to learn Torah.
4. One should not show favoritism towards one of his children.
5. One should try to live in a recently established city.


1. Rabah bar Rav Huna would put on expensive shoes before praying. Rava used to specifically take off his cloak and wring his hands to show that he was frightened of Hashem. Rav Kahana prayed like Rava during times of great distress.
2. Rava was unhappy with Rav Hamnuna, because Rav Hamnuna prayed for a long time and Rava felt that Torah study was of more importance than praying for one's well-being in this world. Rav Hamnuna did so because he understood that Torah study and prayer each have their appropriate time to be done in the best manner.
3. This is apparent from the fact that while they learned, Rav Ami and Rav Asi would periodically announce that anyone who wants them to judge a case should come to them.
4. This is derived from Yakov Avinu's special treatment of Yosef that caused the brothers to hate him, and eventually led to their exile to Egypt.
5. This is apparent from Lot's wish to run from Sedom to Mitzhar, as it was a recently established city. Since it was a new city, it did not have many sins and therefore would not soon suffer collective punishment.

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