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1. The Gemara discusses the question of whether a man should cover his Bris (circumcision) when he walks into or out of a river or bath.
2. Rav Yehudah maintained that until the redemption, one should not go to Eretz Yisrael from Bavel, because the verse states, "They will be in Bavel and remain there."
3. The Beraisa states many health tips regarding eating, drinking, and bathing.
4. One should not eat and then go to sleep without walking at least four Amos.
5. There is a dispute about how to understand the Mishnah's case regarding a hot-water urn.


1. Rebbi Zeira did not do so, even though it seems to be a more modest form of conduct, because he did not want to appear as though he was embarrassed of his circumcision. Rav Ashi's students did not cover themselves when entering the river, but they did cover themselves when exiting towards other people who were present.
2. This is why Rebbi Zeira, who argued with Rav Yehudah on this matter, avoided him before he left to Eretz Yisrael.
3. For example, one should always drink after eating in order to prevent a stomach ailment. Also, one should not eat when he has to move his bowels.
4. One who washes himself with hot water should afterwards wash in cold water.
5. Rav Ada: The Mishnah says that a person should not put a small amount of cold water in a hot-water urn that was recently emptied of its water and is still hot. Abaye: The Mishnah says that a person should not put a small amount of cold water in an urn, containing hot water, that was recently taken off the fire.

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