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Even the sinners of Klal Yisrael admit that one should only seek to do good to Klal Yisrael.
The power of embarrassment is so strong that it caused the destruction of the Beis ha'Mikdash.
Anyone who scoffs at the words of the Chachamim will be judged with boiling Tzo'ah.
In Tur Malka they brought out a rooster and a hen in front of the Chasan and Kalah to symbolize that they shall be fruitful and multiply like hens.
The Bar Deroma could jump for a mile killing the enemy along the way, but he was bitten by a snake and was killed.
300,000 sword carrying soldiers invaded Tur Malka and went on a killing rampage for three days and night. (1)
Yanai ha'Melech had 600,000 cities on Har ha'Melech and each city had the amount of residents as the number of the Yotzei Mitzrayim. (2)
Eretz Yisrael is akin to the hide of a deer; when there are many residents the land stretches to accommodate them.
An Arus was captured by the Goyim along with his Arusah but he didn't touch her until the day he died because she did not have a Kesuvah from him. (3)
The people of Kfar Sikanya of Mitzrayim were Tzadikim but they were punished because they did not mourn for Yerushalayim.
In Beitar they planted a cedar tree when a boy was born and a pine tree when a girl was born and when they got married they made a Chupah from the trees.
80,000 horn blowing generals entered Beitar and went on a killing rampage until the blood of the victims ran into the Mediterranean.
For seven years the Goyim fertilized their vineyards with the blood of the murder victims of Beitar.
Nevuzaradan found the blood of the murdered Navi Zecharyah bubbling, he killed the Sanhedrin, youngsters and children on the blood and it didn't stop bubbling. (4)
Na'aman was a Ger Toshav, Nevuzaradan was a Ger Tzedek, descendants of Haman taught Torah in Bnei Brak, descendants of Sisera taught Torah to children in Yerushalayim and descendants of Sancheriv taught Torah b'Rabim. (5)
Andaryanos Keiser killed in Alexandria of Mitzrayim 2 times 600,000 and Aspasyanos Keiser killed in the city of Beitar 400,000 and according to some opinions 4 million.
A Tefilah is never answered unless it includes a descendant of Yakov and a victorious war always includes a descendant of Esav.
Hashem Yisbarach showed David the destruction of the first and second Beis ha'Mikdash.
Four hundred boys and girls were captured for immoral purposes and they all jumped into the sea and drowned.
Seven brothers were brought in front of the Kaiser and each one of them was killed for refusing to bow down to the Avodah Zarah.
The mother said to the youngest son before he was taken out to be killed to go tell Avraham Avinu that you were Oked one Mizbe'ach and I was Oked seven Mizbechos. (6)
Reish Lakish says that Divrei Torah is only retained by someone who kills himself over it.


1. While they were rampaging on one side of the mountain the people living on the other side were involved in festivities and were completely unaware of what was happening to their brethren on the other side of the mountain.
2. Three of the cities had double the amount of residents of Yotzei Mitzrayim.
3. When he died they eulogized him that he fought off his evil inclination greater than Yosef ha'Tzadik because it was a daily battle and she was on the same bed and she was his Arusah.
4. He said Zecharyah, Zecharyah I have already killed the best of them do you want me to kill all of them and then it stopped bubbling.
5. Shemayah and Avtalyon were the descendants of Sancheriv.
6. She also went up to the roof and killed herself and a Bas Kol called out Em ha'Banim Semeichah.


An Arus was captured by the Goyim along with his Arusah but he didn't touch her until the day he died because she did not have a Kesuvah from him. Why didn't they write a Kesuvah? Moreover even if she had a Kesuvah she would have been prohibited to him because a Kalah without the blessings of Nisu'in is forbidden to her husband just like a Nidah. The Maharsha answers that there were other Jews in their location and they could have gathered a Minyan for the Birchas Nisu'in. However a Kesuvah could not be written because he was a servant and everything he owned belonged to his master and therefore he could not be Meshabed any property for her Kesuvah.


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