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R. Chisda says that a white patch on a black animal or a black patch on a white animal is a disease in the flesh of the animal.
Moshe Rabeinu used the Shamir (a creature that can cut stone) to engrave the Avnei Efod. (1)
Ashmedai is the King of the Sheidim and he was captured by Shlomo ha'Melech so that he will reveal to Shlomo how to find the Shamir that was needed for the Beis ha'Mikdash.
Ashmedai told Shlomo ha'Melech that the Sar of the Yam is in possession of the Shamir and he gave it to the wild rooster whom he trusts with his Shevu'ah.
After Shlomo ha'Melech was pushed out of his Malchus by Ashmedai the only possession he had left was his staff or his flask.
An insane person does not constantly repeat the same insanity.
It is a Machlokes between Rav and Shmuel whether Shlomo ha'Melech went back to being King after he was pushed out by Ashmedai.


1. It was forbidden to engrave the Avnei Ephod with a metal tool and therefore Moshe Rabeinu used a creature called the Shamir to engrave the stones.


Tosfos says that the Shamir that was used for the Avnei Ephod must have still been in the possession of Klal Yisrael during the second Beis ha'Mikdash because the Gemara states in Sotah that Dama Ben Nesinah had stones that the Chachamim bought from him for the Avnei Ephod. Consequently they must of had the Shamir because it is impossible to engrave the Avnei Ephod without the Shamir. Therefore the Gemara that states that from time of the Churban they no longer had the Shamir must be referring to the Churban of the second Beis ha'Mikdash. However, the Ramban says that the Avnei Ephod do not require a Shamir and the stones that are mentioned in the Gemara are the Avnei Choshen (the Avnei Choshen are sometimes referred to as the Avnei Ephod.) According to the Ramban the Shamir may no longer have been around after the Churban of the first Beis ha'Mikdash.


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