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When Rebbi Akiva was first married he lived in great poverty and Eliyahu ha'Navi appeared to him in order to encourage him.
A Rasha tried to persuade the wife of Rebbi Akiva that she deserved better than Rebbi Akiva but she paid no heed.
Rebbi Akiva learned for 24 years from Rebbi Eliezer and Rebbi Yehoshua. (1)
After 24 years Rebbi Akiva returned home with 24,000 pairs of students.
Rebbi Akiva commented that his own learning and that of his students is credited to his wife.
When Rebbi Akiva married Kalba Savua's daughter, Kalba Savua made a Neder prohibiting his daughter from his property.
After Rebbi Akiva leaned Torah for 24 years Kalba Savua was released from his Neder.
Rebbi Akiva became wealthy from 6 sources. (2)
A person who is not good looking is more likely to be a Talmid Chacham.
Someone who disgraces a Talmid Chacham should be excommunicated.
If someone makes a Neder prohibiting foods that are a Tavshil he may eat a shriveled egg (Beitzah Tartima). (3)
A laborer who is working on one type of fig may not eat from a different type of fig.
Punishment came into the world on the day that Rebbi smiled.


1. He attempted to return home after 12 years but when he heard that his wife allowed him to stay longer he turned around and went back for another 12 years.
2. From Kalba Savua, from the ram of a boat, from the treasure box of a boat, from a woman from whom he borrowed money, from the wife of Turnus Rufus ha'Rasha and from Ketia Bar Shalom.
3. An egg that is placed in hot water a thousand times and in cold water a thousand times until it is shriveled up. Since it is not eaten together with bread it is not regarded as a Tavshil.


At first when Bar Kapara was not invited to the wedding that Rebbi made for his son he commented regarding the great wealth of Rebbi that if those that are Ovrei Retzono receive such great wealth certainly that will be the case for Osei Retzono. The Chasam Sofer explains that Bar Kapara held that it is the will of Hashem Yisbarach that a person benefits from this world. When Rebbi refused to invite Bar Kapara because he did not want to benefit from this world Bar Kapara regarded it as transgressing the will of Hashem Yisbarach. However after Bar Kapara was invited he understood that Rebbi did want to benefit from this world and therefore he referred to Rebbi as Osei Retzono.


A worker who is working with figs may not eat grapes even though he was hired to work on both figs and grapes. However he may refrain from eating the lower grade in order to preserve his appetite for when he reaches the better figs. (Shulchan Aruch CM 337:9)
So too he may refrain from eating figs in order to preserve his appetite for when he is working on the grapes. (Sma)

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