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KESUVOS 62 (10 Elul) - This Daf has been dedicated in memory of Sheina Basha (daughter of Yakov and Dora) Zuckerman, who passed away on 10 Elul, by her children and sons in law.


Rav says that even if his wife is Mochel, a husband should not leave the house for more than every other month.
Rebbi Yochanan: A husband should not leave the house for more than one month out of three.
Rav: A sigh breaks half the body of a person. Rebbi Yochanan: A sigh breaks the entire body. (1)
The wives of Talmidei Chachamim shake off sleep in this world and merit Olam ha'Ba.
The Onah of laborers who work in town is twice a week. For those who work out of town, it is once a week.
The Onah of a donkey driver is once a week, of a camel driver once every thirty days, and of a sailor it is once every six months.
Even a sailor who vows not to have relations with his wife for one week must divorce her. (2)
If the husband is a donkey driver at the time of marriage he may not become a camel driver without the permission of his wife (3)
The Chachamim hold that students may leave the house for 2-3 years for the purpose of learning Torah even without permission from their wives. (4)
The Onah of a Talmid Chacham is every Erev Shabbos.
Rebbi descended from Shefatyah who was the son of Avital (one of the wives of David ha'Melech.)
Rebbi Chiya descended from Shim'i, the brother of David ha'Melech.
At first, Klal Yisrael was destined to build the Beis ha'Mikdash only after entering Eretz Yisrael, but in the end they built the Mishkan in the Midbar.
Rebbi Akiva had 12,000 students after he learned for 12 years in the Beis ha'Midrash.


1. However, this applies only to sighing over a recent tragedy. It does not apply to a sigh from an ancient tragedy, such as the destruction of the Beis ha'Mikdash.
2. If not for the vow, his wife is always hoping that her husband may come home unexpectedly at any time.
3. Even though a camel driver makes more money than a donkey driver, the woman prefers to have her husband at home more often than to have the extra cash.
4. The Chachamim disagree with the opinion of Rebbi Eliezer in the Mishnah who maintains that students may leave for no more than thirty days at a time without permission from their wives.


The Gemara says that Rav Rechumi died as a result of the anguish that he caused his wife by not arriving home at the expected time. Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz zt'l asks that certainly his wife had even greater anguish at the news that her husband passed away and now would never be coming home, so why was this an appropriate punishment? Rav Chaim answers that if someone causes anguish to another person, it is tantamount to starting a fire, and it will cause destruction like a fire. The destruction that is caused is not a punishment, but simply the natural byproduct of the fire that was started by means of causing anguish to another person.


Every man is Chayav in Onah depending on his strength and on his livelihood. Tayalim are Chayav in Onah every night. (Shulchan Aruch EH 6:1)
A Tayal is somebody who is healthy and does not do any Melachah. The Rambam says that a person is considered a Tayal only if he is exempt from paying taxes. A Talmid Chacham, however, is Chayav in Onah only once a week, even though he is healthy and does not do Melachah or owe any taxes, because the learning of Torah diminishes his strength.

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