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If two successive husbands of one woman commit to providing food for their wife's daughter, one provides food and the other pays the cost of the food.
If one rents a mill in return for grinding wheat for the owner, even if the owner no longer needs the service he may not demand money instead. (1)
A widow must be provided with a house similar to that in which she lived while her husband was alive.
If a widow insists on moving back in with her father, the orphans are not obligated to provide her with Mezonos. (2)
The orphans must provide a widow with the same standard of living that she enjoyed while her husband was alive.
If the husband left only a small house, the widow does not have a right to live there. (3)
If the orphans sell the house of the widow, the sale is not valid.
If a father did not leave enough property to provide both Mezonos for the daughters and an inheritance for the sons, and the sons sell the property, it is a valid sale. (4)
If the house of the widow collapses the orphans are not obligated to rebuild it. (5)
If one who purchases wheat rents the land on which the wheat is resting, he acquires the wheat through a Kinyan Chatzer.
One may not chew wheat during Pesach in order to apply it to a wound, because it may become Chametz.
The Torah obligates a person to honor the wife of his father, the husband of his mother, and his older brother. (6)
The oldest son inherits the kingship or the Nesi'us of his father if he fitting for the position.
A woman is permitted to walk in a Reshus ha'Rabim on Shabbos wearing a Kelila (a golden headband). (7)
When a Tzadik makes a declaration, it will inevitably be fulfilled by Hashem.
Most Tzadikim die from intestinal ailments.


1. However, if the renter has sufficient business that allows him to use the extra time to grind for others, he must give money instead, because otherwise it would be regarded as Midas Sedom.
2. However, if she claims that she is uncomfortable living with the orphans because she is young and the orphans are also young, they must provide her with Mezonos even if she goes back to living with her father.
3. When the husband committed to provide her with housing, he did not have in mind that the orphans would have to move out in order to make room for her.
4. Even though the Halachah dictates that the daughters are given Mezonos and the sons lose their inheritance when there is not enough money for both, if the sons sell the property it is a valid sale.
5. Even if the widow offers to rebuild it, the orphans may stop her from doing so.
6. This obligation applies only during the lifetime of the father or mother.
7. Even though it is a very expensive piece of jewelry, the Rabanan were not concerned that she will take it off in Reshus ha'Rabim to show it off to her friends. Only a prominent woman wears a Kelila, and a prominent woman is not likely to show it off.


Rebbi said that Yosef Chafni and Shimon Efrati will serve him after his death. Why does a Tzadik need someone to serve him in Olam ha'Ba? The Maharal explains that the Tzadik certainly does not need anyone to tend to his needs in Olam ha'Ba. However, the purpose of the Shamash is to be an adjunct to the Tzadik, similar to how the angels are adjuncts to Hashem, as it were.


It is forbidden to dismiss one who has a Chazakah to be a Rav in a city, even if he placed himself in the position, and even if a greater Chacham arrives in the city. The son or grandson of the Chacham is first in line to replace him, provided that he is comparable to the father in Yir'as Hashem and is also somewhat of a Chacham. (Shulchan Aruch YD 255:22)
Regarding all leadership positions in Klal Yisrael, the son is first in line to replace the father if he is comparable to his father. (Vilna Ga'on in the name of the Sifri)

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