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A person who does not have a wife or a piece of land is not regarded as a person.
If a man merits, his wife is a helpmate. If he does merit, she is a hindrance.
Adam ha'Rishon had relations with all of the animals and found no tranquility until he had relations with Chavah.
Even the families who live underground and the ships that travel from Galya to Aspamaya are blessed only because of Yisrael.
There is no profession as lowly as agricultural work.
Anyone who is involved in construction work becomes indigent.
Step down a level when choosing a wife. Step up a level when choosing a friend.
All punishments brought to the world are because of Yisrael. (1)
When a person gets married, his sins are wiped away.
Rava: It is a Mitzvah to divorce a bad woman.
There is nothing more abominable before Hashem than a person who walks outside in a state of undress.
Rebbi Eliezer: One who is not involved in the Mitzvah of Peru u'Revu is considered as if he has spilled blood. (2)


1. This is in order to startle Klal Yisrael so that they will do Teshuvah.
2. Rebbi Yakov: He is considered as if he has diminished the image of Hashem. Ben Azai: He is considered as if he has spilled blood and also diminished the image of Hashem.


The Gemara says that when a person gets married his sins are wiped away. The Midrash says that his sins are forgiven. The Midrash also says that a when a Ger converts and when a Nasi is appointed to his new position their sins are forgiven. The reason for this is that when a Chasan gets married, he is regarded as a new person and is not the same person that he was before. Until now he was not regarded as an Adam, and now he is a completed person. Therefore, he is not held accountable for his previous sins. A Ger who converts is like a newborn baby. The same is true for a Nasi: until now he was regarded as an individual person, and now that he was appointed, he is a new person and thus he is forgiven for previous sins. (Maharal)


One who has an unquenchable thirst for Torah, like Ben Azai, and is attached to the Torah for his entire life, is not considered a sinner if he does not get married. This is true only if his evil inclination does not overpower him. (Shulchan Aruch EH 1:4)

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