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A Torah scholar who attains the characteristic of overlooking the affront of others sometimes merits having extra years added to his life. (1)
Even those who live with sanctity may sometimes be taken from this world early [to insure that they do not sin].
One who perverts the justice of a convert is regarded as if he perverted justice in Heaven.
One who commits a misdeed and regrets it is immediately forgiven.
One is punished even for minor indiscretions. (2)
One who performs a Mitzvah in an insensitive manner is liable to be punished. (3)
Even when Hashem turns away His face from us, He still watches over us and is present for us. (4)
Even the idle chatter between man and wife is conveyed to a person at the time of his death.
Hashem cries every day because of three things. (5)


1. If another person's life is cut short, his years will be given to a Torah scholar who attains the characteristic of overlooking the affront of others.
2. One who commits even a seemingly minor indiscretion such as killing a louse or spitting in front of one's friend, causing him to be repulsed, is liable to be punished.
3. Giving a poor person Tzedakah publicly or giving Tzedakah to a widow in private are examples of Mitzvos that are done insensitively. It is better not to give Tzedakah at all than to embarrass the poor person by giving it to him publicly.
4. Rava: Hashem appears to us in dreams. Rav Yosef: His hand is stretched out to protect us.
5. (a) Hashem cries for one who is available for Torah learning but does not do so, (b) for one who is not available for Torah learning yet manages to find the time to learn Torah anyway, and (c) for of a leader who lords over the people for the wrong reasons.


The Gemara says that one who learns Torah for one day is considered as though he learned Torah an entire year. However, it is known that a person is rewarded 500 times more for a Mitzvah than he is punished for an Aveirah (see Rashi, end of Makos 23a). Why, then, was the punishment of the Meraglim (that each day was regarded as a year, and thus Klal Yisrael was punished by having to remain in the desert for 40 years) equal in proportion to the reward of one who learns Torah for one day? The answer is that one who learns Torah for a day is as if he learned Torah for an entire year of Hashem, which is likened to 1,000 years of man. Although a person is rewarded only 500 times more for a Mitzvah, when he learns Torah he becomes a partner with Hashem, and thus the combined sum yields 1,000 years. (Chasam Sofer)


A person should not act frivolously with his wife and should not sully his mouth with vulgarity even if it is just between him and his wife. Our Sages teach that a person must give an accounting for everything, even for idle chatter between him and his wife. (Shulchan Aruch EH 25:2)

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