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A person that contracted a Nochri to do work for him may not allow the Nochri to do the work on Shabbos and Yom Tov unless it is being done outside the Techum of any town that Jews reside in. (1)
It is permitted to contract a Nochri on Chol ha'Mo'ed to do work for you after Yom Tov as long as no measuring, weighing or counting is done.
It is forbidden to breed animals on Chol ha'Mo'ed and it is forbidden to breed a Bechor (first born) or Pesulei Mukdashim (animals that were sanctified and became invalid to be used for a Korban).
If a person had prepared his grapes for the wine press and a because of extenuating circumstances he was unable to press them prior to Yom Tov, according to Rebbi Yosi he may complete the pressing during Chol ha'Mo'ed and Rebbi Meir disagrees. (3)
According to Rebbi Yosi it is permitted to seal barrels of beer on Chol ha'Mo'ed in order to prevent them from going bad.
According to Rebbi Yosi it is forbidden to do work on the fields on Chol ha’Mo’ed even to avoid a loss unless you don’t have food to eat.
There is a dispute between the Tana’im whether a deceitful claim that the work is a necessity for the Yom Tov allows a person to do work on Chol ha’Mo’ed.
According to Rav one may cut down a tree on Chol ha’Mo’ed even though he only has use for some of the splinters of wood. (4)
It is permitted to bring in produce into the house on Chol ha’Mo’ed in order to protect them from thieves, as long as it is done discreetly.


1. On Chol ha'Mo'ed it is forbidden to allow a Nochri to do work for you even outside the Techum since it is permitted to travel outside the Techum on Chol ha'Mo'ed.
2. The dispute between Rebbi Meir and Rebbi Yosi concerns both wine and oil. Although oil is more expensive than wine and the potential loss is much greater nevertheless the dispute between them is the same.
3. Although Rav permits cutting down a tree even though only the splinters are needed Abaye cursed a person who does so and when Rebbi Ashi attempted to do so the axe slipped out of his hand and he almost got hurt.


The Gemara says that Rebbi Chama allowed the workers of the Reish Galusa to do work on Chol ha'Mo'ed because they did not receive wages for their work. The Rosh says that the workers did the type of work that is permitted on Chol ha'Mo'ed, such as repairing benches. Even though the work they did is not prohibited on Chol ha'Mo'ed if they had received a wage for their work it would have been forbidden because taking wages is an Uvda d’Chol (a weekday practice) and is forbidden on Chol ha'Mo'ed.


Anything that is prohibited on Chol ha'Mo'ed it is also forbidden to instruct a Nochri to do it for you. (Shulchan Aruch OC 543:1)
Our sages equated Chol ha'Mo'ed to Shabbos and Yom Tov regarding instructing a Nochri to do work for you. However if it is for the purpose of a Mitzvah it is permitted to instruct a Nochri top do work for you since according to some opinion it is permitted to do so even on Shabbos. (Mishnah Berurah)

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