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MOED KATAN 28 (8 Adar Alef 5782) - dedicated in honor of the Yahrzeit of Sarah bas Baruch Hersh Rosenbaum, who passed away on 8 Adar 5776, by her husband Zev Dov Rosenbaum.


Neharda'i says that the bier of woman other than someone who dies during childbirth is placed in the street and Rebbi Elazar disagrees
The death of Tzadikim atones just as the red heifer and the priestly garments atone.
Death at the age of fifty is a result of a sin that is punished with death from Heaven and death at the age of sixty the punishment of Kares. Shmuel says death between the ages of fifty and sixty is the punishment of Kares.
Children, length of life, and livelihood are not dependent on merit rather they are dependent on the Mazal.
One monarchy does not encroach on the other even by the width of a thread.
According to one opinion Aviyam Ben Yarav'am disobeyed his father's decree not to go to Yerushalayim for the Regel. According to another opinion he terminated the sentries that were instituted by his father for the purpose of stopping people from being Oleh Regel.
The comforters may not say anything until the mourner talks first.
A mourner and a Chasan sit at the head.


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The Gemara says that children, length of life, and livelihood are dependent on the Mazal. Tosfos asks that the Gemara says elsewhere that Klal Yisrael is not dependent on the Mazal. Tosfos answers that although Mazal does apply to Klal Yisrael, a person with great merit can circumvent the Mazal with it. The Maharsha says that a person can circumvent the Mazal with prayer and that is why Rava prayed for wisdom and wealth even though these attributes are dependent on the Mazal. The Rashba says that Klal Yisrael as a nation is not dependent on the Mazal but each individual is.


The comforters may not open their mouths until the mourner does so first. The mourner sits at the head, and as soon as the mourner nods his head as an indication that it is time for the comforters to take their leave, they are no longer allowed to remain sitting. A mourner and an ill person do not have to stand up for anyone including the Nasi. (Shulchan Aruch YD 376:1)

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