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1. The Gemara explains which of the public fasts for rain apply to pregnant and nursing women.
2. The Gemara discusses the definition of "Masri'in," which the Mishnah says was done on the last seven fasts.
3. The Gemara clarifies that everyone agrees that the Shofar was sounded during the last seven fasts.

4. There is a dispute about whether there is a limit to the amount of fasts decreed upon the public when calamities are occurring.
5. There is a dispute about how one should ask for rain in the summer if his country needs rain.


1. The Gemara concludes that they fast only on the middle three fasts, and not on the first three fasts nor the last seven fasts.
2. Some say that "Masri'in" refers to blowing the Shofar. Others say that it refers to the public recitation of the prayer, "Aneinu Elokei Avraham."
3. The dispute above (#2) is whether the "Aneinu Elokei Avraham" prayer was said out loud as well. Everyone agrees that the "Aneinu" prayer said in Shemoneh Esreh was said, as this is said on every fast day for rain.
4. Everyone agrees that a maximum of thirteen public fasts may be decreed upon the public for a lack of rain. However, there is a dispute about whether this limit applies to any calamity or only to rain, in which case there could be a limitless number of fasts until a calamity stops happening.
5. Some say that they should ask for rain in Birkas ha'Shanim, and some say that they should ask for rain only in Shome'a Tefilah, while continuing to say the same blessing as everyone else in Birkas ha'Shanim. The Gemara concludes that this should be said only in Shome'a Tefilah.

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