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1. If a student has tremendous difficulty with his analytical learning, it is because he did not yet master the basic material.
2. Reish Lakish used to review his basic texts of learning 40 times before analyzing the material with Rebbi Yochanan.
3. One is supposed to pray for mercy from only one tragedy at a time.
4. This law caused a dilemma in the time of Rebbi Shmuel bar Nachmeni.
5. Blessing is present only in something that is hidden from view.


1. If one did not yet master the basic Torah text that he is studying, he cannot comprehend the next stage of learning which involves analyzing the material.
2. Rav Ada bar Ahavah would similarly review 24 times before discussing the material with Rava.
3. This is derived from the verse, "And we should fast and ask from Hashem regarding this," implying that they had a specific request instead of asking for help with all of the problems that faced them.
4. They were unsure about whether they should pray regarding the famine or the plague. Rebbi Shmuel answered that they should pray regarding famine, because Hashem does not answer prayers regarding famine if the people are just going to die from plague (and it therefore is as if they are also indirectly asking for life).
5. The verse states, "Hashem should command with you that the blessing should be b'Asamecha," which the Gemara understands is based on the word, "Samuy" -- "hidden."

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