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TA'ANIS 5 (23 Teves) - Dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. Sid Mosenkis (of Queens, N.Y.) in memory of Sid's father, Nachum ben Shlomo Dovid Mosenkis Z"L, on the day of his 67th Yahrzeit, and also in honor of the celebration of the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Ephraim Mordechai ben Nachum Binyamin Mosenkis, son of Dr. Nachum Mosenkis (of Beit Shemesh, Israel).


1. The Gemara discusses the dilemma that faced the people during the times of the prophet, Yoel.
2. Yoel commanded the people to plant, even though this did not seem like the logical decision to make.
3. A miracle occurred as a sign that they should plant their kernels and seeds.
4. Their successful crops immediately grew soon after they were planted.
5. Regarding these people, the verse in Tehilim states, "Those who plant with tears will reap with joy."


1. One year it did not rain at all until the first of Nisan (after seven years of drought; see Maharsha). People were unsure about whether to plant the small amount of wheat kernels and seeds they had left or whether to eat them slowly.
2. The people listened, although they originally objected.
3. They found considerable amounts of wheat that mice had gathered and were able to live on that while waiting for their crops to grow (Rashi; others explain the story differently).
4. They were able to bring the Korban ha'Omer on the sixteenth of Nisan from this crop, which had been planted right before the fifth of Nisan when it rained again.
5. Although they planted with tears because they had very little food left (according to the Yalkut Shimoni, they planted before they even found the wheat of the mice, meaning that they had no grain left at all), they miraculously reaped a nice harvest.

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