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BERACHOS 46 - Dedicated by Rav Shalom Kelman in honor of Hagaon Rav Yehudah Copperman, author of the annotated edition of the Meshech Chochmah, and most recently "Mavo l'Limud Torah."


1. The host should cut the bread and distribute it, while a guest should lead the Zimun.
2. The Gemara records the text of the blessing for one's host.
3. There is a dispute about whether the fourth blessing of Birkas ha'Mazon is mid'Oraisa.
4. A different version of the fourth blessing of Birkas ha'Mazon is said in a mourner's home.
5. There is a dispute about where one who stops his meal and answers to a Zimun must re-start Birkas ha'Mazon when he is ready to bless.


1. The host should distribute the bread because he will distribute large pieces (whereas a guest will be reluctant to give out large pieces of someone else's bread). A guest should lead the Zimun, since the one who leads the Zimun blesses the host.
2. The guest blesses the host that he should experience no embarrassment in this world, nor be ashamed in the next world. Rebbi adds to the blessing, "May he be very successful in all of his possessions, and may his and our possessions do well and be near to the city…."
3. While a minority opinion apparently maintains that it is mid'Oraisa, most say that it is not. The Gemara quotes many Amora'im who prove that it is mid'Rabanan.
4. This blessing states that Hashem is the G-d of Truth, the True Judge, and more.
5. Rav Zevid: He starts from the beginning of Birkas ha'Mazon. Rabanan: He starts from where he left off (he presumably listened to the Zimun at least until the end of the first blessing).

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