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1. When three people eat together they are obligated in Zimun.
2. A person who answers "Amen" to a blessing should not raise his voice louder than the one who recites the blessing.
3. May two people join to make a Zimun?
4. The Gemara describes the difference between a Zimun of three people and a Zimun of ten.
5. The Gemara discusses what a group of three people should do when not all of them have finished eating.


1. However, a Zimun may not be made with a Nochri or an Eved Kena'ani.
2. This is derived from the verse, “Ascribe greatness to Hashem with me, and we will elevate His Name together.”
3. One opinion says that two people are not allowed to form a Zimun. Another opinion says that they are not required to form a Zimun, but they may do so if they wish.
4. The Mishnah teaches that when only three people make a Zimun, they do not say "to Elokeinu" in their blessing, while ten people do. The Gemara teaches that when ten people make a Zimun and mention Hashem's name, all ten must be gathered together. In contrast, when three make a Zimun, one person may have left the group already and may respond to the Zimun as long as he is nearby.
5. If only one person has finished eating, he may not demand that the other two interrupt their meal so that he can recite Birkas ha'Mazon with a Zimun. On the other hand, if two out of three finished their meal, they may demand that the third person interrupt his meal to make a Zimun.

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