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1. For honey, one recites the blessing of "Shehakol."
2. A person is allowed to consume any food or drink on Shabbos, even if it is for medicinal purposes.
3. There is a dispute about the appropriate blessing for bread.
4. A vegetable can have a more specific blessing or a less specific blessing when it is cooked than when it is raw.
5. The Gemara explains why we should follow Rebbi Chiya bar Aba's understanding of Rebbi Yochanan.


1. The Gemara explains that not all liquids that come from fruits are considered like the fruits themselves. Therefore, one does not recite the blessing of "Borei Pri ha'Etz" on them. The exception to this rule is the liquid produced from grapes (i.e. wine, grapejuice), and sometimes the liquid produced from olives (see 35b).
2. Even if his primary intent is to consume the food or drink in order to heal an ailment, he may eat it on Shabbos because it is considered an act of eating and not an act of healing (which is forbidden on Shabbos), since it is an edible food item.
3. Tana Kama: "Ha'Motzi Lechem Min ha'Aretz." Rebbi Nechemyah: "Motzi Lechem Min ha'Aretz." The Gemara concludes in accordance with the view of the Tana Kama.
4. For example, the blessing for a raw potato is "Shehakol," while after it is cooked the blessing is "Borei Pri ha'Adamah." This is because the potato, by being cooked, has been elevated to the primary form in which it is eaten. On the other hand, the blessing for a raw leek is "Borei Pri ha'Adamah," while after it is cooked the blessing is "Shehakol," since this is not the primary way in which leeks are eaten.
5. Although Rebbi Binyamin bar Yefes quoted Rebbi Yochanan as saying the opposite, Rav Nachman was certain that the law should follow Rebbi Chiya's understanding of Rebbi Yochanan. Besides being more scrupulous about what Rebbi Yochanan actually said, Rebbi Chiya would review what he learned every thirty days in the presence of Rebbi Yochanan.

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