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1. If one forgot to make a blessing and already started to eat, he should make a blessing and continue eating.
2. The Mal'ach ha'Maves told Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi three things.
3. Ten things were stated regarding the cup of wine used for Zimun.
4. One should take the cup used for Zimun with both hands.
5. The Mishnah discusses various arguments between Beis Hillel and Beis Shamai involving meals.


1. However, if he has finished all of his food and has no more of this type of food, he may not recite the blessing said before eating food (as it is said only before eating, not after eating).
2. The Mal'ach ha'Maves told him: Do not take your shirt from an attendant who helps you get dressed in the morning, do not have your hands washed by someone who did not wash his hands, and do not stand before the women who come back from attending to the dead.
3. For example, the cup should be washed inside and out before it is used for the Zimun. It should also be full.
4. This is as the verse states, "Lift up your hands in holiness and bless Hashem."
5. For example, Beis Shamai says that one first says the blessing of Kidush and only afterwards says the blessing of Borei Pri ha'Gefen on the wine. Beis Hillel says that one first says Borei Pri ha'Gefen, and only afterwards says the blessing of Kidush.

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