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1. One who talks between reciting the blessing on bread and eating it must repeat the blessing.
2. A person may not eat before he feeds his animals.
3. If a person recites "Shehakol" on any food, he fulfills his obligation.
4. There is a dispute about what type of tree was the Etz ha'Da'as in Gan Eden.
5. The Gemara discusses what must be included in a blessing in order for it to be considered a proper blessing.


1. However, if he says, "pass the salt," it is not considered an interruption because salt is necessary for eating the bread.
2. Accordingly, if he remembers -- after reciting a blessing on food -- that he had not yet fed his animals, he may tell someone to feed them before he tastes the food, and it is not deemed an interruption.
3. This is the appropriate blessing when the blessing on a particular food is unclear. Similarly, if a person recites "Borei Pri ha'Adamah" and the item is actually a fruit, he fulfills his obligation. However, if he recites "Borei Pri ha'Etz" on a vegetable, he does not fulfill his obligation and must recite "Borei Pri ha'Adamah" (if he wants to continue eating it).
4. The various opinions (in the Gemara here) are: a grapevine, fig tree, and a wheat stalk.
5. Rav: Hashem's name must be mentioned. Rebbi Yochanan: The fact that Hashem is the King of the universe must also be mentioned.

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