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1. The Gemara discusses what one should do if he lost his place while saying Shema.
2. The Gemara discusses what one should do if he remembers the last word he said, but is unsure if it is in the first or second chapter of Keri'as Shema.
3. According to the letter of the law, a groom is exempt from Keri'as Shema.
4. Raban Gamliel washed himself the night after his wife was buried.
5. Raban Gamliel accepted comfort for the death of his Nochri slave, Tevi.


1. If he knows he started but not what he is up to, he should start from the beginning. If he knows which chapter he started, he should start from the beginning of that chapter.
2. If he knows that the word he said is one of the words that appear in both the first and second chapters (such as "u'Chesavtam"), he should return to the first chapter. However, if he started saying "Lema'an Yirbu Yemeichem" (leading into the third chapter), it is clear that he was in the midst of the second chapter.
3. This is because he is preoccupied with thinking about the upcoming Mitzvah he is going to perform.
4. Even though a mourner is not allowed to wash himself, Raban Gamliel told his students that he was allowed to wash since he was extremely sensitive about washing (and such a person is allowed to wash himself).
5. Even though one may not usually do so for an Eved Kena'ani, Raban Gamliel said that since Tevi was an exceptionally righteous slave it was correct to do so.

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