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Beautiful Prayers for Talmud Study

' - - . . .
' . ( 2:6)
. ( 119:18)


May it be Your will, my God and the God of my fathers, that no mishap come about through me. Let me not stumble in matters of Halachah, and may my friends rejoice in me. Let me not say regarding the impure that it is pure, nor regarding the pure that it is impure, not regarding the permitted that it is forbidden, nor regarding the forbidden that it is permitted. Let my friends not stumble in matters of Halachah that I may rejoice in them.
For Hashem grants wisdom, from his mouth insight and understanding. (Mishlei 2:6)
Uncover my eyes that I may see wonders in Your Torah.(Tehilim 119:18)

' - - . . . - . ( 55:24)


I am thankful to You Hashem, my God and the God of my fathers, that You have placed my portion among those who sit in the Beis ha'Midrash, and You have not place my portion among those who sit on the street corners. For I arise early and they arise early; I arise early to study the Torah while they arise early for wasteful matters. I toil and they toil; I toil and receive reward while they toil and do not receive reward. I run and they run; I run to the life of the World to Come while they run to the Pit of Destruction, as it says, "And You, Lord, lower into the Pit of Destruction the men of murder and deceit, they shall not live out half their days - and I will trust in You." (Tehilim 55:24)

. . . . . .

. . . .

. . .


Master of the world, may we merit that our children shall shine with Torah, that they should be healthy in body and mind, that they should be of good character and that they should be dedicated to the study of Torah for its own sake. Give them long and good lives. Let them be filled with Torah, wisdom and fear of Heaven. They should be loved from on high and cherished from below. Save them from the Evil Eye and from the Evil Inclination and from any kind of trouble and let them be healthy that they may serve You.

May I and my wife merit, in Your abundant mercy, to live out our days in pleasantness, love and peace. May we merit to raise each of our children to Torah, marriage and good deeds. Send them their proper spouses effortlessly, while they are still young, smoothly and with joy. May our sons and daughters raise good and righteous children bringing merit to all of Israel and may their offspring increase until the end of days.

May our children live and endure in Your service, Your Torah and Your awe for lengthy days and good years. May Your great name not be desecrated by us, nor by our progeny, Heaven forbid. Fulfill all the requests of our hearts for the best, Amen Selah.