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** Afterword **
Afterword by Avraham Apatow, former professor of Greek Philosophy
This series aimed to explore the wonders of nature in the spirit of a new vision that is emerging that recaptures and transforms the spirit of the classical vision of life.

The mark of a classical education is one that leads a person to experience the awesome nature of the intelligence that pervades every aspect of thought and the natural world in a magnificent harmony.

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most influential scientists of all time, saw "a monotheistic G-d as the masterful Creator whose existence could not be denied in the face of the grandeur of all creation".[1]

Classical education was founded upon the perspective that the world is the work of the genius of the Creator, the Almighty G-d. Included in this magnificent creation is the most remarkable work and power, the human mind, the very "eye" that beholds G-d's beautiful handiwork. After studying the creation in all its beauty, the ultimate study is to turn one's attention to beholding the nature of the Creator Himself and His oneness. This study is the top rung of a ladder built on a study and contemplation of philosophy, arithmetic, musical ratio, geometry, and astronomy, but few pursue this noble path today.

Along the way, however, there is an intermediary goal that is much more accessible and practical for us today. It is the one that is presented in this series.

This is to use modern science as a window through which to see the awesome wisdom of our Creator. We live in an age that has a profound appreciation of science and this series offered many examples of how science reveals G-d's glory in the natural world.

The chief mark of contemporary science is its ability to transcend the static models of the past. This has led to all the breakthroughs, revolutions and paradigm shifts that we have seen in every field of inquiry.

With the combination of this freedom to break the defined limits of thinking of the past along with the remarkable power of modern technology, scientists are revealing greater and greater levels of complexity.

In the world of science from Aristotle to Newton, the ultimate goal was to achieve perfect systematic knowledge that was in perfect harmony with our rational mind. The contemporary scientist, however, is revealing a new kind of knowledge: one that is so vast and awesome in its scope and implications, that it boggles our common, rational view of life and nature. Instead it leads us to a state of complete awe and wonder of the creation. It is this study that helps us gain a greater appreciation of the Infinite G-d.

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