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This month's sampling from our Inbox, April 2003

Date: 12 May 2003
From: Meaux, France

I please just congratulate you and thank you for the formidable work that you make, kol hakavod! that [enabled me to become] familiarized with the talmud and to take the step towards the Hebrew text itself; I now can buy for me the Hebrew massekheth-Sanhedrine.

Encore merci beaucoup et félicitation. Kol Touv, Ovadyah F.

Date: 29 Apr 2003
From: Prague, Czech Republic
Thank you very much for site "Dafyomi advancement forum" of yours! It is no doubt the best site for the study of Talmud, that I ever seen, and it is very helpful for me. Please, I have one question on you. Presently I'm studying tractate Kelim and I want to make some practical illustrations (drawings) to several cases. But I have no idea how looks like oven, double oven, stove etc. Are there somewhere their descriptions or pictures?

(later...) Thank you very much for the drawings, which you sent to me. It was a big surprise for me, really! In my country there are very few persons concerned with judaism, yet for me is learning Torah and Talmud as refreshing as living water. I appreciate wise men as you are and you have my admiration for your beautiful work. Thank you. Shalom, Zbysek Z.

Date: 29 Apr 2003
From: Dallas, Texas
I am searching for an electronic glossary of common terms used in Aramaic. As I am legally blind and use a screen reader not capable of reading Hebrew fonts, a transliterated list would be most valuable. If something of this sort doesn't exist, perhaps you might consider putting such a list together. I believe all Talmud students would benefit.

(later...) I received the file and this was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much. Daniel S.

Date: 28 Apr 2003
From: Jerusalem, Israel
Can you send me a clear legible Hebrew Text (with nikud) for conducting a Siyum?

(later...) Thank you for the Siyum Document and for your fast and efficient service! Martin B.

Date: 27 Apr 2003
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Thanks to the Daf Yomi Forum I gave the Daf Yomi in our Shul over the entire Yom Tov and thru today. Our regular Magid Shiur returns tomorrow.

Thanks for the wonderful notes and resources such as the charts which truly enhance the learning. Shalom K.

Date: 22 Apr 2003
From: Guelph, Ontario
I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for your Daf Yomi. I've been learning the Daf for several years now and your resources are far better than any other Daf sources I have found. I am so grateful to Hashem that you have this site and that it is free for everyone to use. You may share my letter with others.

I have certainly come to love studying Talmud, thanks to your study guides. I've also found the question and answer pages very helpful in making sure I am on the right track in how I've understood the daf. I am in Guelph, Ontario. I think I'm the only frum person in this town. B'shalom, Eli Shmuel,

Date: 15 Apr 2003
From: Dallas, Texas
A young woman sort of searching (she is not frum and actually is a political activist on college campus who seems to have very left leanings religiously and politically.) sent me a few questions. I believe that the appropriate answer can open her up to studying about Yiddishkeit. Please help me help her as I am not sure how to go about answering the following questions...

(later...) Yaasher koach for your answer. I really appreciate your time and Divrei Torah. As I'm in the desert here in Texas any Dvar Torah anyone can share with me I try to grab. Kol tuv, N. Z.

Date: 04 Apr 2003
From: Queens, New York
I am enjoying immensely Yosef Daas. What an amazing sefer, with sources from all across the sphere of Torah. Moshe Usher R.
Date: 03 Apr 2003
From: Prestwich, Manchester
Please note I receive your insights with interest. I give a small daf yomi shiur... Many thanks, David C.

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