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Joseph Kayeri asks:

In gemara daf 8, about the deker nautz sugya. From where does Rashi or other rishonim know that beit shammai and beit hillel argue about bediavad and lechatechila on deker nautz? Bepashtus we can say that both agree that with deker nautz is lehatechila!

There are, for Beit Shamai, lechatehila ways: 1. afar muchan (beit hilel also agree). 2. Deker nautz (beit hilel discuss) 3. machnis adam afar letoch ginato (beit hilel agree)?

Is there a book which say shitat Rashi and Tosfot on how to understand the machloket?

Joseph Kayeri, Sao Paulo

The Kollel replies:

We cannot say that Beis Hillel says he can slaughter l'Chatchilah if he has a Deker Na'utz, because the Mishnah says: "And they (Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel) agree that if he slaughtered, he should dig with the Deker."

The words "if he slaughtered" in the past tense teach us that this is only b'Di'eved.

Then, the Gemara says at the end of 7b (in the name of Rav Zerika and Rav Yehudah) that when Beis Hillel said that he should dig with the Deker, this applies only if he has a Deker Na'utz. We see from this that using the Deker Na'utz is only b'Di'eved.

I recommend the Artscroll edtion, either Hebrew or English.

With warm wishes,

Dovid Bloom