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Aaron Massry asks:

The Gemara on Daf Bet Amud Bet says that the reason we chose to speak about the status of the egg as opposed to just simply speaking about the mother chick,is because we want to bring out the a chidush in bet shammais opinion because it is the more lenient one and the power of leniency is greater.

My question is:Why would we want to bring out a chidush in Bet Shammais opinion if his opinion is totally disregarded as we have a rule throughout shas 'Bet Shammai Bemakom Bet Hillel Eina Mishna"

Aaron Massry, brooklyn Ny

The Kollel replies:

Rav Ovadya Yosef zt"l in Yabia Omer (vol. 8, C.M. 9) says that we see from here that the Mishnah indeed will stress the view of Beis Shamai even against Beis Hillel, just as it stresses the view of Rebbi Meir (Berachos 60a) when he argues against Rebbi Yehudah even though there is a rule that we never rule like Rebbi Meir when he argues against Rebbi Yehudah. The Pirchei Kehunah in Berachos (53b) says that when Beis Shamai's reasoning is strong, even though we do not rule like them, there is reason to stress their point in the Mishnah.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose