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Alex asked:

Why is Nolad Muktzeh if there is a rule that if it wasn't muktzeh by bein hashmashos then it is not muktzeh on shabbos? The item didn't exist before shabbos, so it was not muktzeh during bein hashmashos. So how could it be muktzeh on shabbos/yom tov?

Alex , New York, USA

The Kollel replies:

The rule is: whatever was Muktzah Bein ha'Shmashos is Muktzah the whole Shabbos, even if at some stage during Shabbos a change took place and the article became such that, had it been in this situation Bein ha'Shmashos, it would not have become Muktzah. There is no rule that says that an article which was not Muktzah Bein ha'Shmashos cannot become Muktzah.

Dov Freedman