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Ruvain Chait asked:


In the question and answers in Beitzah..First Daf

c) Beis Hillel agree that, if one did Shecht without the spade being prepared before Yom-Tov - one should do as Beis Shamai say.

I am not certain there is anything that is not correct....However with my limited understanding I believe Beis Shamai maintains that you need the spade dug in the ground before Yom-Tov other wise he agrees you can't perform Kisuy ha'Dam even if you did Slaughter the animal.The reason being you would be violating a de'orasa. The indication I think from the quote "one should do as Beis Shamai say" would infer that they all agree it would be permissible to perform the Kisuy ha'Dam even if the spade was not dug in the ground (before yom tov) if the slaughter some how did take place ....since Beis Shamai has never mentioned (so far) a case that is not permissible. Although technically it is true that one should do as Beis Shamai say...the emphasis seems to indicate that they would agree that it is permissible....which is not true..and in reality they agree that it is not permissible if the spade was not in the ground before yom tov.

PLease let me know your opinion.

Great work. . Very enjoyable.Have a guzunta yur

Thank you,


The Kollel replies:


You are correct. When we wrote that the spade was not prepared, it should have said "without the earth being prepared".

Thank you for your comments and feedback.

Wishing you a Kesivah va'Chasimah Tovah,

Mordecai Kornfeld