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Barry Leff asked:

Beitzah 2

>>5. MUKTZAH MACHMAS CHISARON KIS. Items which are set aside from use due to their fragility (i.e., their main use is prohibited on Shabbos, and using them in any other manner may damage them) are Muktzah (for example, a Mohel's scalpel).<<

Why do you use this example? A mohel's scalpel can be used on Shabbos, brit milah takes precedence over Shabbos.



The Kollel replies:

Good point. We should have mentioned, "for example, a Mohel's scalpel after the Milah has been performed, or on a day when there is no Milah." Then, the scalpel is Mutkzah Machmas Chisaron Kis. (By the way, Milah happens to be prohibited on Shabbos when it is not the eighth day, such as a Milah that was pushed off because of the baby's health. It is a special dispensation given by the Torah to do Milah on Shabbos when it is done b'Zmano, on the eighth day. Hence, Milah cannot be called something which is permitted on Shabbos.)

We changed the Introduction accordingly, and have updated our archives.

Thank you!