Jason Freudenberger asked:

Let's assume like Rashi's girsa...So for a kesem, she's not mikulkeles l'minyana and for a reiyah she is.

1) What is the reason for this difference between kesem and reiyah? (I guess you could ask the same question for the din of being metamei her boeil)

2) I can't read the Rashis...in d'h "ayna mikulkeles l'minyana" Rashi says she starts counting now and pesach nidusah starts now, but then at the end he says that she loses her pesach nidusah)...which is what he also says in d'h "mikulkeles l'minyana "?

Thank you.

Jason Freudenberger, Passaic, NJ

The Kollel replies:

Rashi is Gores "Ro'eh Kesem" first (see Maharam). Therefore, the comment of Rashi of Mekulkeles is referring to Ro'eh Kesem, who does not know when she saw. The second Rashi is clearly talking about me'Es l'Es, where she is not Mekulkeles because we know when she saw and the Chachamim were not Choshesh with regard to her Pesach.

D. Zupnik