Boruch Kahan asks:

I submitted a question yesterday about the order of Monoach and Gidon in the Rashi above.

I found that there is a Rashi in Maseches Zevochim Daf 16a that also brings these 3 together and this time the order is correct chronologically ie Gidon,Monoach,Shmuel so why did Rashi change his order in the Sugya here

Boruch Kahan, LONDON

The Kollel replies:

I found in Mishmar Halevi on Bechoros, by Rav Moshe Mordecai Shulzinger zt'l, that somebody once asked this question to Rav Shach and Rav Shach replied that the Gemara Eruvin 46a is applicable here; which states "If we would be medayek so much, we would never learn anything". Rashi explains that if we would learn the whole of Shas making such diyukim we would not be able to answer all the questions, and we would not go vaiter.

Good Shabbos and Good Yomtov

Dovid Bloom

Boruch Kahan adds:

Boruch Shekivanti that I thought of this question Bichlal

Sometimes its nice to know that somebody greater than me has had the same Diyuk Hagam that Rav Shach said what he said

I did ask this some time ago and somebody I met who I posed the question to did offer me a Terutz which I have forgotten based on the context of both Gemoros