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1. Tadir vs. Mekudash 2. רש"י ד"ה כך קודמין באכילתן

Gary Schreiber asked:

The gemora unsuccessfully attempts to prove that tadir takes precedence by noting that tamid comes before musafin of shabbos, rosh chodesh and yom tov. The reason is that the tamid aquires kedushas hayom as well. The gemora leaves this as an abbaya d'lo ifshita.

In fact it seems that the gemora could have proven that tadir takes precedence because musafin are chataos and should by right take precedence over tamid ,which is an olah (chataos are mikudashin since they involve kapparah) except for the fact that tamid is tadir. Why was this argument not put forward?

Gary Schreiber, chicago IL

The Kollel replies:

The Musaf of Shabbos is two Olos. The Musaf of Rosh Chodesh is two Parim one Ayil and seven Kevasim, which are all Olos, plus the one Chatas.

D. Zupnik